Zambia National Public Health Institute Director Victor Mukonka has disclosed that 21 Zambian districts in 6 provinces are affected by Covid-19, as he announced 34 new cases of Coronavirus in the country from the 418 tests done yesterday.

Dr. Mukonka says citizens now need to find a balance between getting back to normal and averting possible community infections, maintaining that new cases will continue to be detected for a long time to come.

Speaking during the Covid-19 update in Lusaka today, Dr. Mukonka also announced that 105 patients have been discharged from isolation centers, 94 of which were from Nakonde.

He said the 34 new cases were detected through health surveillance, mass community screening and point of entry check points in Nakonde, 10 of which are from Lusaka.

Zambia now has 866 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, 7 deaths and 302 recoveries.

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