Government has clarified that local authorities should not depend on the local authorities equalization fund to disburse salaries to council employees.

Minister of local government Charles Banda says the resolve by council employees to go slow is unjustifiable explaining that the local authorities equalization fund is a supplementary fund.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Banda further indicated that the local government act provides that local authorities must use at least 20% of the fund to finance capital expenditure adding that the remaining amount from the local government equalization fund is aimed at supplementing the local authority’s local revenue in implementing it’s functions.

He has since reiterated that the local Authority is expected to raise funds from levies, local taxes and permits among other things to finance its functions and salaries.

And Mr Banda has since directed all principal officers to submit reports to the ministry a on all employees participating in the go slow and their respective local authorities.