ZANIS—President Hakainde Hichilema says his visit to Eswatini was aimed at enhancing bilateral trade and reviewing the existing cooperation.

President Hichilema says the government wants to ensure that there is increased trade between Zambia and Eswatini.

“Basically we are reviewing and enhancing the cooperation in many areas, Tourism is only one but broadly trade investment economic sphere.”

The Head of State said this shortly after arriving back home on a three days state visit from Eswatini Kingdom, at the invitation of King Mswati the third.

Meanwhile President Hichilema has called for African countries to trade and make investment among each other.

Mr Hichilema emphasised on the need for African countries to prioritise trading among themselves before turning to the global community.

He said Africa will only emerge strong once countries invest and trade within the continent.

“Africa needs to trade within itself. We must trade and invest with each other before going to the global community,” He said.

President Hichilema wondered why Eswatini should import goods from another foreign country when they can be locally sourced within the region.

He revealed that Zambia and Eswatini Kingdom are now working towards shortening the process of doing business.

The Head of State questioned why Zambia should import goods produced from Eswatini from another country instead of importing directly from Eswatini Kingdom.

“We face similar challenges, you can imagine there are things that Eswatini needs but they have to order them through another foreign country and sometimes we order things from foreign countries yet they come from Eswatini.

“We want to shorten that process so that we can trade directly and do business together,” Mr Hichilema stated.

President Hichilema has described his trip to Eswatini Kingdom as beneficial for the peoples of Zambia and Eswatini.

The President was received on his arrival by Lusaka province Minister Sheal Mulyata, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanley Kakubo, Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala, Acting Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa, Service Chiefs and Senior government officials.