Government has announced commencement of 6 hours load shading daily, starting 15th December 2022, until further notice, due to reduced water levels at the largest power station, the Kariba North Bank.

Energy Minister Peter Kapala says as of 28th November 2022, only 4.1% of usable water storage was available for power generation.

Mr. Kapala said in parliament today that continued full capacity generation could lead to total shut down of electricity generation, and that Zambezi River Authority has advised both the Zambian and the Zimbabwean sides to reduce their power generation.

He said government will, in the meantime, optimize electricity generation in other power stations across the country, to cushion the 800 megawatts deficit, that will be created at Kariba North Bank Power Station.

Mr. Kapala further said government will consider importing electricity from the Southern African Power pool, should need arise, to ensure minimal disruptions in economic activities.