The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has announced that the Government has released a total of K976m, 422t, 159.96 to Local Authorities.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary (Administration) Maambo Haamaundu has told Radio Christian Voice news that the disbursement amount translates to K6, 259,116.4 per Constituency.

Mr Hamaundu has implored all the Local Authorities to ensure that there is accountability and transparency in the utilization of the money.

He further urged the Local Authorities to continuously engage the Public through the Constituency Development fund Committees, Ward Development Committees and Zonal Leaders, so that all stakeholders are aware of what is happening at each stage in terms of the CDF disbursement and utilization.

Mr Haamaundu stressed on the need to ensure that annual budget ceilings are adhered to.

He further urged the local authorities to ensure that they adhere to the Public Procurement Act and the Public Finance Act as they implement the people’s decisions.