Government has attributed the  shortage of Meali Meal among some retailers across the country to the major exports of the commodity by millers to neighboring countries.

Minister of Agriculture Mtolo Phiri say this has also caused the unstable prices of mealie meal among some retailers countrywide.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Phiri said that there is high demand for maize and mealie meal in the African region adding that millers have opted to sell the two commodities to other countries for huge profits.

He said that the Food Reserve Agency has therefore stopped selling maize to ordinary traders adding that it will only sell maize to millers for them to make sufficient Meali meal for local demand.

Meanwhile, Mr. Phiri has announced that the country has recorded fall army worms in all the districts across the country.

He said that the fall army worms have affected 213,227 farming household translating to a 11% infestation rate in this years farming season.

He said that government has therefore purchased chemicals and equipment worth K55 million to fight the fall army worms across all districts adding that farmers can access the chemicals for free through agricultural offices in their areas.