Policy Monitoring and Research Centre PMRC  has urged  government to consider sourcing funds from Regional Economic Communities to which it is a member in order to implement the Country’s strategy for the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area AfCFTA. 

PMRC Acting Executive Director Sydney Mwamba says the country should further identify the product and commodity categories in which Zambia has comparative advantage so that production focus can be on them as trade in the AfCFTA begins to take place.

Mr. Mwamba said in a statement in Lusaka today that the companies involved in the manufacturing sector should also be identified and provide support for them because they will play an important role in boosting intra-regional trade in the AfCFTA as trade begins.

He also highlighted the need for Zambia to make use of its processing plants, Multi-Facility Economic Zones MFE) and industrial yards, which he said play a key role in growing the manufacturing sector as they provide both backward and forward linkages between different sectors.

Mr. Mwamba said the MFEZs ought to be well targeted and tailored to the commercial activities