Government has called on a strengthened financial management system in the public service through adhering to regulations set on professionalism, transparency and accountability.

Deputy Secretary to Cabinet for Administration Patrick Kangwa says this is why government is determined to ensure that there is reduced audit quarries in the government system by end of this year.

Mr Kangwa noted that the authority through the National School of Government has embarked on training of non-financial mangers in financial related matters, to ensure that they understand all the processes in the expenditure of public funds.

He was speaking in Lusaka today when he officially opened a three day training for non-financial managers in the Ministries of Health and General Education.

He explained that it is the desire of government to ensure that managers in all public institutions become knowledgeable of the financial system to avoid audit quarries.

Mr Kangwa added that the selection of the two ministries to undergo the training was timely due to the role that they play in enhancing service provision among the Zambian citizenry.

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