Govt To Amend Exams Act To Address Malpractices

Government has underscored the importance of revising the Examination Council Act Cap 137 of the laws of Zambia in eradicating examination malpractices. Education, science, vocational training and early education minister John Phiri said that in the amendment of the Act, the examination council of Zambia should put a practical role to prevent malpractices from occurring during future examinations and mitigate the effects of malpractices on the credibility of the education and examination systems in the country. In a speech read on his behalf by MESVTE permanent secretary Patrick Nkhanza during the 2013 Examinations Annual Performance Review meeting in Lusaka today, Dr Phiri said that a total number of six hundred and eighty one 681 examination malpractice cases were reported while fourteen 14 cases are still pending as investigations continue. Meanwhile, Dr Phiri observed that private schools and Grant Aided Schools performed better than government schools at all levels of education during the 2013 examinations. He said that it is important to promote transfer of best practices from better performing schools to those that are not performing well and improve performance in government schools.


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