The Millers Association of Zambia MAZ says the high prices of Mealie meal on the market can be attributed to the high cost of maize.

MAZ President Andrew Chintala says while farmers are happy with the high cost of selling maize, consumers have been subjected to the high prices of mealie meal adding that market forces are at play between demand and supply.

Speaking during the Maize Industry stakeholders meeting in Lusaka today, Mr. Chintala has also revealed that the escalating prices of mealie meal can also be attributed to speculations in the sector adding that some players in the industry have taken advantage of the situation and hiked mealie meal prices.

And Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo said that government is doing everything possible to cushion the escalating prices of mealie meal across the country.

Mr. Katambo has however appealed to stakeholders at the meeting to come up with solutions that will create a win-win situation for farmers and consumers.