Vice President Inonge Wina has maintained that government cannot declare the hunger situation in the country a National Disaster, because based on the first assessment done, not every household in the affected districts needs relief Food.

Mrs. Wina says currently the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit DMMU is conducting a vulnerability assessment to ascertain the extent of hunger, having increased the districts that need relief food to 86 from the previous 36.

She was responding to Moomba Member of Parliament, Fred Chaatila, who wanted to know why government has insisted that the hunger situation is not a national disaster, during the Vice President question time in Parliament this morning.

And reacting to the leader of the opposition Jacob Mwiimbu, who wanted to know why the DMMU is only giving 200 bags of 12.5Kg of mealie meal against the population in affected areas, Mrs. Wina said the relief food is not for every household but only for the affected ones.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wina refuted sentiments by Luampa MP Makozo Chikote that Patriotic Front Chairpersons are the only ones sitting in district committees in charge of distributing the relief food, saying the committees are all inclusive and that even opposition members of the community co-chair.

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