LuSE Daily summary


A total of 18,989 shares were transacted in 25 trades resulting in a turnover of K64,940.The LuSE All Share Index close  at  6,110.68 points with price movements in BATZ -K0.09,PUMA -(K0.01) and CEC -(K0.01).Trading activity was recorded in LAFARGE, NATBREW, ZAMBEEF, ZAMBREW, ZANACO and ZSUG.

The LuSE market cap today was recorded at : K62,312, 000,000 including Shoprite. K28,072,000 ,000 excluding Shoprite

Currency Buying Selling
US Dollar 6.1108 6.1308
GB Pound 10.4556 10.4905
Euro 8.3236 8.3526
Rand 0.5709 0.5730

Bank of Zambia Exchange rate 15/7/2014