Police in Muchinga Province is saddened with the continued killings of people suspected to be practicing witchcraft.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Engineer Joel Njase says he is equally disappointed with some family members who continue engaging witch doctors.

He said that there is great need to interrogate the belief system that every elderly person is a witch saying the elderly people have been constantly neglected and that people have continued to suspect them of issues that cannot be proved.

And Engineer Njase has since appeal to all the chiefs in the Province and village headmen to ensure that the societal values and respect for justice are well grounded among the residents.

He advised The leadership in various chiefdoms and structures to identify vulnerable elderly persons and report family members mistreating such people  to the police.

The Police Commissioner has also called upon the Community Crime Prevention Unit CCPU members in all the communities to also report such negative development for quick intervention by the Police.