Scott, Kabimba accuse opposition MPs of fraud

Vice President Guy Scott and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba have launched a scathing attack on the behaviour of opposition MPs who forced Parliament to prematurely adjourn after they allowed all their questions on the order paper to lapse.

In an interview at Parliament shortly after adjourning, the visibly annoyed Dr Scott charged that the MPs behaviour is tantamount to fraud.

“They are clearing engaging in fraud. They are defrauding the Zambians they are supposed to be representing. They come here and stand outside and allow their questions to lapse but they are busy getting salaries from this House. This is fraud,” Dr Scott said.

He complained that the opposition MPs are not being fair by continuing to press Parliament over the constitution especially that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba presented a statement in Parliament last week.

“The Justice Minister spoke in this House just last week and he told them that he is waiting for a suitable date to present the draft constitution to the President and we will pick it up from there,” Dr Scott said.

Dr Scott said it is unfortunate that the opposition MPs want to paralyse the business of the House when the Speaker had allowed Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo to present a private members motion on Friday on the constitution.

And Mr Kabimba said the MPs are short changing the Zambian people by absconding from their duties as people’s representatives.

He said it is regrettable that opposition MPs have decided to follow UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s directives to disrupt business in the House.

“It is highly regrettable that the Honourable men and women have are following instructionsfrom a man who has never been to this House as MP. They are supposed to be listening to the people who sent them here and not Mr Hakainde,” Mr Kabimba said.

Opposition MPs yesterday forced Parliament to prematurely adjourn after they absconded from asking questions they had listed on the order paper.

It appears this is the latest form of protests from the opposition MPs in demand of the new constitution.

The entire sitting only lasted for less than 30 minutes.