Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has called upon the church to play their role in ensuring peace and unity reigns before, during and after the 2021 general elections.

Mrs. Sumaili says the church and religious bodies should be an anchor of peace and unity in the nation and not divide the nation in the name of freedom of expression or association.

Speaking during the official opening of the church and religious bodies / state dialogue platform under the theme, strengthening a collaborative church and religious bodies / state approach towards unity in Lusaka today, Mrs. Sumaili says that Zambians are looking at the church to ensure peace and tranquility in the nation from now to 2021 and beyond the year.

And Mrs. Sumaili has tasked the churched to co-operate and keep the country in prayers as the world grapples with the covid19 pandemic.

She Said that the church must come together and rise above the challenges of Zambia.