The Lusaka High Court has thrown out an application filed by the former Minister of Tourism Ronald Chitotela to reverse the Restriction Notice on his State Lodge property, aimed at stopping the evaluation by the Anti-Corruption Commission ACC.

In his judgement dated 30th June 2022, Judge Bowa found nothing illegal about the issuance of the said Restriction Notice.

He further found nothing objectionable about the intended Valuation by ACC as it was within the spirit and confines of the implied power granted to the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Commission by Law.

Judge Bowa dismissed the application as it had failed in totality.

This is according to a statement issued to Christian Voice News in Lusaka today by ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe.

Mr. Chitotela sued the Commission in the High Court contending that the Restriction Notice issued by the Commission dated 22nd March 2022 should be reversed and / or cancelled.

He further contended that the Valuation Exercise intended to be carried out by the Commission be declared illegal and be reversed.