Vice President Mutale Nalumango has assured that there will be no segregation in selecting the applicants in the advertised position in the defense forces as well as the Zambia Police.

Mrs. Nalumango says the decentralization of the recruitment process is an indication that all areas will be given equal selection rights.

She was speaking in Parliament today, during the Vice President Question Time, following a question from  Shang’ombo Member of Parliament Mubika Mubika, who wanted to know what measures have been put in place to ensure even applicants in furthest parts of the country are recruited.

Mrs. Nalumango said the list of the selected candidates in the defence Jobs have not yet been released and she called for patience from among the people.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Nalumango called on citizens to put the country’s interest first.

She said those planning dark corner meetings to destroy the country should know that they will be fighting against their own future generation.

Mrs. Nalumango was responding to Kabwe Centra Member of Parliament Chrizoster Halwindi who wanted to know what message the Vice President had to those planning bad things against the country.