The Office of the Vice President has expressed regret at the reported case of fraud in which 2,000 women were defrauded of K40 each in Kitwe.

Permanent Secretary Administration in the Office of the Vice President Stephen Mwansa says it is more disturbing because the name of the Vice President and that of the office were used to obtain money from poor women who had no reason to doubt the high Government Office which was being misrepresented.

Mr. Mwansa has warned the public against using the Office of the Vice President’s name illegally because the law will always catch up with all fraudsters.

According to statement availed to Christian Voice News in Lusaka today, Mr. Mwansa, has further called for police intervention to curb such behaviour.

He has further called on Zambians to be cautious and verify claims every time someone mentions that they are representatives of Government.

Mr. Mwansa has also strongly urged the public not to fall prey to any offers of quick money or attractive business schemes said to be from Government that are offered outside of the normal Government channels.