The Human Rights Commission has called for effective National leadership and revival of the campaign to combat the Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Commission Spokesperson Mweelwa Muleya is concerned with the increasing cases of Coronavirus noting that there is widespread denial of the existence of the Coronavirus in Zambia.

He said that according to a random survey by the Commission in selected urban and peri-urban areas, it has been revealed that most people do not believe that there is coronavirus in Zambia.

Mr. Muleya said that it is imperative to come up with a National Communication Strategy on the Coronavirus to provide a comprehensive guidance to various stakeholders to avoid misinformation in the fight against the pandemic.

And Mr. Muleya has expressed concern with the increasing reported number of Brought in Dead BID bodies of individuals believed to have died from coronavirus.

He said that the growing reported number of BID bodies is extremely worrying and seems to confirm the current limited testing capacity for COVID 19.