Police have arrested a 22 year old woman of Mpoma Village in Chibombo District of Central Province for allegedly stealing a baby.

The suspect is alleged to have stolen a baby in January last year at a named market and has since been on the run to avoid an arrest.

Chibombo District Commissioner Barnabas Musopelo said the child, who is now one year and six months old, has since been retrieved from the suspect and is currently under the Police care.

He said the child was one month, two weeks old when she was stolen by the suspect whom he has named as Sophina Malupande.

He said the mother, Peggy F’Chiyowa, aged 27, had left the child in her makeshift stand at the market to go and sell some merchandise to the motorists.

Mr Musopelo said the suspect then broke into the makeshift stand and stole the baby whom she later named as Prisca Namuteka.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash